VitaSound Wi-Mic Bundle


The ultimate wireless microphone and receiver. Great for houses of worship and other live speaker events. Bundle includes a wearable microphone for the speaker and a receiver unit with earbuds for the listener.

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The VitaSound Wi-MicTM is a wireless microphone and transmitter that pairs with the VitaSound TALK to deliver crystal-clear sound free from background noise from up to 40ft away.

No longer are you required to sit in the front row to properly hear speech. With the presenter wearing the Wi-MicTM wireless microphone, audio can be sent directly to anybody using the VitaSound TALK receiver. The result is a happy audience that never misses a word! With VitaSound’s proprietary NC AudioTM technology built in, even those that have difficulty hearing can hear the presenter clearly. Finally everyone can experience crisp, natural sounds, clear voices, and reduced background noise.

The VitaSound TALK receiver can also be used independently from the VitaSound Wi-MicTM. It includes Bluetooth® technology to connect directly to cell phones and music players to send audio directly to the wearer’s earbuds. Other features include a tinnitus relief setting, which plays ambient noises to counter the tinnitus ringing as well as an option to plug in an inductive loop for use with hearing aids. Inductive loops are not included.

  • Wireless audio transmitter accessory with patented NC AudioTM technology
  • Wireless microphone unit connects automatically to the VitaSound TALK receivers
  • Hear clear, concise and distinguishable speech from up to 40ft away
  • Internal microphone and external lapel microphone included
  • Single Wi-MicTM connect to over 100 VitaSound TALK receivers
  • Digital RF wireless technology with no line-of-sight requirements
  • 4 pre-programmed and selectable settings to enhance speech intelligibility and music quality
  • Selectable high-frequency boost adds listening power
  • High quality earbuds included

Applications include, but are not limited to: Concert Stages, Recording Studios, Houses of Worship, Live Speaker Events, Broadcast Sessions, etc. It even works great with one-on-one conversations when one person is hard of hearing.