Powerful technology
based on brain science.

An in-depth look at
NC AudioTM technology.

Over a decade of research into the relationship between hearing and the brain, extensive technology development and advanced computer modeling techniques has culminated in a new way of enhancing the sense of hearing for communication, entertainment, and personal productivity.

Sounds perceived by the human ear reaches the auditory nerve which then converts these acoustic signals into electrical signals and then transmits them to the auditory cortex of the brain. The quality of what we hear is entirely dependent on the quality of the electrical signals reaching the brain. So we can imagine that this is the most important link in the chain of sound from the source to what we actually hear. Even the best high definition, surround sound, and other audio technologies will fail to deliver the quality we are listening for if the electrical signals to the brain aren’t right. Making sound louder doesn’t really help and, in fact, ends up confusing the brain because sounds that don’t need to be louder are also louder. For example, we can all agree that music on AM radio is not very good quality but turning the radio on louder doesn’t improve the quality level.

Many years of research at McMaster University, highly reputed in the field of neural or brain science, focused on how to optimize the quality of electrical signals from the auditory nerve to the brain. The result was the patented Neuro-Compensator® technology, the “NC” in NC AudioTM. Several more years of collaboration between McMaster and VitaSound led to a complex software algorithm that, through the use of advanced computer modeling and running on state-of-the-art digital signal processors, yielded amazing results. Users of NC AudioTM told us that they could hear sounds clearly and naturally. Professional musicians told us that their perception of tone or pitch and their spatial perception improved dramatically.

The benefits of NC AudioTM are now found in VitaSound products. Watching television becomes more enjoyable as dialog stands out clearly from the background sounds. Music is crisp and sharp. A professional vocalist can hear his or her own voice with truer pitch and, as a result, perform better. Conversations in noisy places like restaurants become more enjoyable. Our software algorithm technology does this by constantly monitoring the input sounds then processing and modifying the output signal to optimize the electrical signals to the brain. This requires massive amounts of constant computation made possible by the leading edge digital signal processors found the VitaSound product.

To learn more about the science behind NC AudioTM, please read the information in the linked below.