Crystal Clear Wireless Audio So Everyone Can Hear

It's not always about turning up the volume so people can hear. Sometimes they simply need clearer audio. Powered by our proprietary NC AudioTM technology, our wireless solutions don't just amplify, they clarify too.

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Enhance Your Service with Exceptional Audio Quality

The VitaSound Wi-MicTM Bundle is easy to set up and even easier to use. The wireless microphone can transmit audio to over 100 receivers at once. No training necessary, you can have your unit up and running in just a few minutes.

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Great for Any Live Speaker or Broadcast Events

The wireless microphone sends audio directly to each headset allowing you to broadcast in several languages at once if you like. The VitaSound Wi-MicTM Bundle can also be used for other types of speaking engagements such as in classrooms or at company/client presentations.

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The VitaSound Wi-Mic™ Bundle

Connect to and inspire your audience with high-quality, disruption-free audio delivered directly to their ears. Keep your audience engaged and let them hear your every word clearer than ever before.


The VitaSound Wi-Mic™ can connect to over 100 receivers at a time. Everybody hears and nobody gets left out!


Both the microphone unit and the receiver unit use wireless RF technology for high-quality and disruption-free audio.


The wireless microphone can be attached discreetly to your lapel and automatically connects to the receivers. Easy as 1-2-3!