VitaSound PSAP

The VitaSound PSAP (Personal Sound Amplification Product) is perfect for those that don't have severe hearing loss, but need a little extra boost in daily environments like conversations. It's comfortable, discreet and provides natural sounds with built-in NC Audio™ technology.

VitaSound TV

Clarify and amplify your television audio with the VitaSound TV product. With four pre-programmed EQ settings to choose from, you're guaranteed to find an appropriate setting for you.

VitaSound TALK

The VitaSound TALK helps hearing during face-to-face and cell phone conversations. With Bluetooth® technology, it can connect directly to cell phones and music players to send audio directly to the wearer’s earbuds. Other features include a Tinnitus relief setting and an option to connect an inductive loop if the user also wears a hearing aid.

VitaSound All-In-One

The All-In-One product is the ultimate hearing helper and combines the features of both the VitaSound TV and VitaSound TALK products. Powered by VitaSound's proprietary NC Audio™ technology, it includes features for face-to-face conversations, hearing the television clearly, cell phone conversations, and even has a Tinnitus relief setting.